Monday, September 17

I Heart Authors

As you already know, I just spent the weekend at Park City, Utah, attending the LUW Annual Roundup, and let me tell ya, I loved it. I got to meet with amazing authors who love what they do. I was impressed with their energy and passion. The entire roundup reminded me of an international airport where people have a clear idea of where they are going, and they are about ready to hop on the next available flight, eager and excited.

But the most amazing thing is that both traditionally and self-published authors were there to present, mingle, and network with each other without prejudice. They were there to support each other in honing their craft and in becoming successful authors, which was what I admired most. After all, when all of these labels are stripped from us, we are all equally the same--authors of books. And that's what's most important.

During my pitch sessions at the event, I'd had the opportunity to meet with some of the most passionate, persistent, and talented craftsmen in the writers community. And after visiting with them, I return to my office here in Provo with a greater sense of appreciation for my job. So, to writers all over the world, I salute you; you inspire me.

You've made my job a spectacular one, and I thank you for it.