Friday, March 5

Susan Miller's Prediction

Well, here I am again, after a short hiatus, but I'm still alive, and that's what matters. First, a few updates.

Since the last thanks-but-no-thanks letter I got, I have been hungrily pursuing more and more agents, sending out queries and tracking them. But so far, no response yet. That doesn't mean all is lost. I am very happy to announce that after asking for a partial, the Irene Goodman Agency asked for a full, which was exciting news for me. I was jumping up and down, tumbling down my stairs, and doing the pirouettes like . . . you get the jest! Yes, I was ecstatic at the very least.

So that was 3 weeks ago, and I'm still waiting for the good news. Normally, from what I've read, if an agent keeps your full for about 3-4 weeks, that means you still have hope. This is because if it is so bad, you'd gave received a rejection already. So, I am crossing my fingers, hoping to die (not literally, of course!).

Now what about Susan Miller? She's my personal soothsayer, my gypsy woman without the crystal ball. She's my horoscope reader. And she's good! She reads from the planets and the stars and predicts your future, kinda like a guidance thingy--not so much of dictating your life, but giving it direction. So far, everything is exactly as she has predicted. She says that I'll be offered a contract I cannot resist, one that promises a huge sum of money and wealth! And it's going to happen this Sunday (give and take four days). So, I'm waiting. She says that if I'm a writer, I will make it this year. And I'm still waiting.

But put that aside for a second and let's talk about the wonders of query tracker. My dear friend and writer, Dorette Snover, actually recommended it to me. I used to have to track all of my queries on an Excel spreadsheet, convenient yet pain-in-the-butt. But with query tracker, everything is easy, and I mean EASY! I can search for agents within a specific category and keep them in a folder. I can update them as I query them, and query tracker will show me an icon next to each of the agents I queried, indicating the status of my query. This way, I know how long ago I've sent a specific query. Well, there's more, but you'll have to discover it yourself. And to Dorette, thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope I get an autographed copy of your debut novel very soon!

Here's my plan for the next few weeks. Query, query, query. They say don't sign with the first agent who offers representation. So that means I need to have choices. What if Irene Goodman wants to sign me up before anyone else does? Well, I'll just kindly ask for a day or two of pondering and praying time before giving them an answer. And then I'll just call them back and ask them a bunch of questions to make sure I am a good fit for them and vice versa. And then, finally, I'll just say YES!! Yes, yes, and yes! And that's how I picture everything to unfold should I not have any other choice.

Anyway, I'll keep pursuing my dream, and when I get there, I WILL NOT forget the little people. Haha! Keep on swimming, keep on swimming . . .