Thursday, October 2

Book Crossing!

There I was, running back from the huge garbage dump behind my apartment complex when I stumbled upon this book lying on the pavement--more like in the middle of the road! It was Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes, the novel I had wanted to read when it first came out. On the cover was a sticker that says, "Free Book, Read Me!" A free book--and a hard cover at it too? No way, I thought, but I picked it up anyway and brought it home.

Came to find out, on the front cover was another label that gave instructions to how this free thingy works. It's a program called Book Crossing, a traveling library of sorts that encourages people to leave their books behind for others to pick up. From one hand to another, books get passed and read for free. It's a great thing and anyone from anywhere in the world should participate. It's a beautiful thing. 

Here's the link:

From there you can track who has read the book before you and register books you want to leave for others to read. It's a brilliant idea.

Enjoy, and discover the world through giving. Literacy is the bomb!

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